Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Society Activities

Although the Society has had a slow start, its activities are gradually gather pace.  We do not intend to make giant strides in our first few years, but we are have achieved some milestones and have further activities that we would like to undertake.

Our first activity was to hold the inaugural meeting of the society in the Flying Standard on February 11 2912.  Thirteen members attended.  The main topic of discussion was the planned Centenary Event at Sandy Lane Garage.

Our next venture was to make a prototype set of display boards, which were created by one of our members, Roger Clemons.  They were initially displayed in the canteen of Travel Coventry's Wheatley Street Garage, with the intention of publicising the society and looking forward to the Centenary event at Sandy Lane.

The big event of 2012 was the Coventry Corporation Transport Centenary, held at Sandy Lane Garage on May 12th.  It was organised by Roger Burdett in conjunction with Coventry Transport Museum.  There is a description of the event under the CCT Centenary Event tab above left.

The last event of 2012 was Trains, Planes and Automobiles at Baginton, organised by Clinton Hancox in conjunction with the Electric Train Museum and Midlands Air Museum.  There is a description of the event under the Trains, Planes and Automobiles tab above left.

We are hoping to plan an event to mark the centenary of the first Motor bus in Coventry.