Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Coventry Transport People

Coventry Corporation Transport people played a key role in the operations of the undertaking.  The General Managers always spring to mind and, in particular, Ronald Fearnley, whose vision and direction were the key to Coventry Corporation Transport's distinctive position in the urban transport field.  However, other staff, particularly the tram and bus crews, but not forgetting the maintenance and support people, were of of equal importance in stamping the Coventry Corporation Transport mould on the services.

The policy of CCT was that every bus crew member started as a conductor, even those already qualified as a PSV driver.  A driver could eventually be promoted to the role of inspector.

The 1911 census data has been extracted by J McSparron.  The data refers to employees of the Coventry Electric Tramway Company, which was taken over by Coventry Corporation on January 1st 1912.  There were no CCT buses until after 1913, so all of the 1911 census people would have been Tramway people.